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Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
with the president of mexico. felipe calderon. >> you need to have the principals that know one nation couldn't prosper without rule of law. because that is ectly our main focus, in the sense that we are not prosecuting drugs by drugs themselves. we are looking for rule of law in mexico. we want a country in which the law prevails. otherwise it will be impossible to prosper or to have a fair society. >> rose: we continue talking about google ventures with kevin rose and bill maris. >> we're investing in teams and people more than products at the early stages. so you're looking for larry and certificate guy as they were starting out they are what made google different from lycos and the other search engines. >> rose: we con chrood with the photography of brigitte lacombe. >> she asked would we be interested in doing something similar for london olympic on women in sport. and of course, i mean, it was just like a great opportunity because i mean for me andlso for my sister to discover the new world, i know nothing about sports. and it was very intriguing. >> rose: yes. >> and so of course we sa
Oct 11, 2012 12:00am PDT
proximity to mexico. >> yes, the united states is a virtual island. atlantic, pacific, canadian arctic to the north, just 33 million middle-class canadians to the north living within 100 miles of the u.s. border. but south of the border half of that boarder is artificial and you have a vibrant big society a third the population of the u.s. much, much poorer. there's a big -- the difference in living standards between the u.s. and mexico is arguably the greatest difference of living standards than any two contiguous countries in the world with the exception of north and south korea. off very young population in mexico. average mexican is 25, average americans 37. mention key has a vibrant developing economy but the northern third of it is controlled by criminal drug cartels. so the kind of state mexico has evolved into will have significance to the kind of society the united states vovls into because hat tin history is demographically moving north. reclaiming the. >> rose: and you only have to look at the political conventions to see how it's influencing american politics. >> right, whe
Oct 23, 2012 12:00am PDT
moll i was interested to see as well here is what they didn't mention, they didn't mention mexico and the drug crisis there, the drug wars going on and the euro crisis or anything going on in europe, they didn't mention india where probably a lot of, a lot more american jobs are being outsourced there than many other places and mentioned no sub saharan country in africa and didn't mention korea, north korea has a program and sanction that ised are up in the air storks much time was spent on israel, secondarily, some time spent on afghanistan and so much time talking about nation building at home that the pivot almost obscured the rest of the debate for long, long stretches, it was remarkable in that way. i know you can't talk about everything and every debate, but some of the things that didn't get talk about were kind of noticeable. >> rose: what did you think -- >> can i echo that? >> quickly. >> i think particularly mexico and europe, because these are domestic issues, these are affecting the -- europe is affecting our economy like nobody's business, and mexico if you live in t
Oct 29, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to say. and she bought an air flow trailer and went back to new mexico where had taught in the past and she rented some property on a mesa and i didn't see her for eight years and one day she wked into the gallery and s said i'm painting again, would you show my paintings? it was just like that. and my partner fred mueller, we were both close to her and she said "i'll let you know when to come." and on a friday afternoon i got this telephone call saying "the plane to albuquerque leaves at 9:00 tomorrow morning, i'll meet you at the airport." not account request k you make it." and we were there. and that was the beginning of of the relationship. >> rose: let me show photographs. someone a photograph of agnes martin on the roof of her studio with jack geller man, ellsworth kelly, robert indiana. >> one thing about meeting agnes when i started to deal with her at the beginning she said remember, we are not friends we are toilers together in the art field but we are not friends. she was really afraid of friendship. >> rose: with everybody. >> with everybody. >> rose: look at the number
Oct 24, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to countries like mexico which have a huge geographic advantage here. those are linkages that are worth following. >> rose: hillary clinton famously today somebody overheard on an open mic, how d you admonish your bankers?" speaking of something she wanted to say to the chinese over there. does that banker creditor relationship have an impact on this relationship. >> i would counter the secretary's insight with perhaps the other one which is when you owe the bank a million dollars it's your problem, when you owe them a trillion it's their problem. i think this is a very interactive, locked together there are questions about the u.s. fiscal outlook and china is a sort of separate part of that. i don't think that's part of the -- >> rose: you're optimistic about sglurp >> well, i'm less pessimistic. when we've spoken in the past i've always been the most pessimistic person in the room and i went into -- earlier this summer i was deeply, deeply pessimistic because i thought that -- and i've never thought the pessimism/optimism should be about economics, it's always about the politics in eu
Oct 17, 2012 12:00am PDT
the three southern states, ohio is the ball game, if gulf of mexico i don't have any, if governor romney wins ohio he wins the pie. >> if he loses it makes it virtually impossible for governor romney to win. >> and charlie if you want to get in the weed a little bit more about this. >> rose: i do. >> one thing about the obama campaign on one massive level the obama campaign kind of knows that it is probably going to lose florida, but it has enough money to keep governor romney having to spend money in florida in order to win florida, and so they kind of -- as you said, they will never say this publicly but i think they recognize they probably will end up losing florida and wind up losing north carolina but if they can make governor romney spend a bunch of resources in those states, it gives him a better chance to be able to do what they need to do in ohio, where they have had this advantage, even if it has narrowed down and in virginia which is really a tossup state, the as state of surprisingly large percentage of hispanics, eight or nine percent hispanic in virginia and helps president
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 53 (some duplicates have been removed)